:A beautiful flower merchant who can hear the voice of the earth. She calls upon the spirit of the planet to protect herself." 


Aerith Gainsborough is a heroine and character representing Final Fantasy VII.

In the original game Aerith was the last of the ancient Cetra race and took it upon herself to aid AVALANCHE and Cloud in protecting the Planet. Her flirty and magnetic personality endeared her to the party and she began a budding romance with Cloud but met with a grim fate while she prayed for the magic Holy to stop Sephiroth in The Forgotten Capital. The always optimistic girl's gentle grace and delicate apperance masks her will of tempered steel.

In the game's story mode, she took it upon herself to look after the younger warrior Vivi who was constantly plagued with the impending limitations of his limited lifespan and the cruel temptations of Xande and Kuja and clashed with the Zilart brothers with their deranged idea of the Promised Land. Later she along with Tifa aid Cloud in his duel with Sephiroth where she lets him know she never blamed him for her death. In the story opposed opposing villain was Kam'lanaut.


Aerith's default costume is identical to her original Final Fantasy VII appearance; a shin-length pink summer dress that buttons up at the front, with red lining and worn under a red bolero jacket. In addition to brown boots, she wears metal bracers on her wrists, and the lower portion of the dress is left unbuttoned to allow for easier movement.

Aerith's first alternate outfit is based on Yoshitaka Amano's artwork of her and is known as the Maiden's Gown. She wears a pink bandeau dress with silver linings and a split along the front, a cropped, shoulder-less jacket with puffed sleeves, as well as pink and silver pointed high-heeled boots. Her hair ribbon is pink with blue-green polka dots, and is a different shape and knot from the ribbons in previous outfits.

Aerith’s second alternate outfit the Floral Sundress is based on her summer dress as seen in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-, a blue and white thigh-length dress over a red camisole, and white wedge sandals with pink straps. The dress is adorned by blue lace bows at the bust and waist, while a small corsage of flowers lines the left shoulder strap. Her hair ribbon is the same shape as her original ribbon, but is a more reddish hue of pink. Her Manikin is cyan and called the Imaginary Terrene


Aerith is a Gaian Guardian, her attacks are based on both limit breaks and materia magic from the original game. Her abilities are dominantly defensive in nature allowing her to refresh her Bravery, Assist Meter, EX Meter and in EX Mode even her HP as well as protect herself from many attacks. However, Aerith's offensive options are limited to a few earth spells and staff strikes.

Brave Attacks

Name Type Range Damage Type Description Additional Effects
Cure Ground Special N/A Use healing magic to restore BRV, Very quick refreshing around 400 BRV at max level. High cooldown. N/A
Wall Ground Close Magical Construct a translucent pane of magic in front of Aerith which persists for a long time and blasts the enemy back when touched. N/A
Healing Wind Ground Special N/A Hold down button to surround Aerith with a green breeze of healing energy which restores her bravery, starts slow but picks up speed. Magic Block
Quake Ground Long Magical Slam staff on ground and cause a crack in the earth to rapidly approach the enemy raising a pillar of earth from under them and launching them high into the air. Very fast but low vertical range. Chase
Quakra Ground Long Magical Slam staff on ground and cause a line of stalagmites to rise in a trail directed at the opponent, high homing, low vertical tracking. Wallrush
Quaga Ground Long Magical Slam staff on ground causing a large column of rock to erupt from beneath the enemy blasting them for heavy damage. High vertical range. Wallrush
Fury Brand Aerial Special N/A Twirl staff then summon a red aura which will quickly draw in EX Force on the field to Aerith. N/A
Breath Of the Earth Aerial Special N/A Hold down to create streams of energy coil around Aerith charging her Assist Gauge. N/A
Comet Aerial Long Magical Summon three chunks of earth upto Aerith and launch them at the enemies at as high-speed projectiles one after the other. Great from attacking from above. Chase
Cometeo Aerial Long Magical Summon a large boulder above the enemy which falls directly downward dragging the enemy straight down to the ground. Deals more damage the higher the enemy is. Wallrush
Seal Evil Aerial Long Magical An aura of energy contracts around the opponent paralyzing them for three seconds, or until they are attacked. Stun
Smite Aerial Close Physical Spin staff above head dealing multiple strikes then leap forward and smite the enemy with an overhead swing. Chase, Magic Block.

HP Attacks

Name Type Range Damage Type Description Additional Effects
Break Ground Mid Magical Earth rises around the enemy and converges onto them crushing them in a coffin of stone. Wallrush
Freeze Ground Long Magical Create a chilling wind near the enemy which will slow the enemy before freezing them solid and shattering dealing HP Damage. Absorb
Planet Protector Ground Special N/A Aerith conjures a barrier of stars around her and her assist preventing damage and stagger done for a short while. Hold down longer to increase duration, Can be canceled with a dodge. Useful for weathering large attacks and comboing with assists. Block
White Materia Aerial Extreme Magical Charge energy and consume the opponent in a blast of holy energy. Aerith has Block Mid priority while charging, thus only guard-crushing attacks will be able to hit her. Block, Wallrush
Flare Aerial Long Magical Create a trail of flames to stalk the opponent. Excellent homing and vertical tracking.


Tornado Aerial Close Magical Conjure a fearsome cyclone around Aerith that extends high into the air and low to the ground. Excellent for attacking vertically. Magic Block

EX Mode - Princess Guard Equipped

Name Type Description
Regen EX Ability Recovers HP over time during EX Mode.
Critical Boost EX Ability Doubles Critical Rate while in EX Mode
Princess Guard EX Ability Aerith gains a large attack boost when her Assist is broken.
Pulse of Life Special Hold Down R+[Square] for a prayer, after a small immobile charge of three seconds Aerith's BRV converts to health and her BRV resets to base value.
Great Gospel EX Burst Blast the enemy into the EX Zone with a stalagmite of earth, then Aerith kneels as she begins a prayer charging her Limit Break. Upon success a storm of divine rain will wash over the enemy dealing many brave strikes as the clouds break and angels will unleash a beacon of Holy from the break in the clouds which will engulf the enemy.


Aerith can equip Staves, Rods, Poles, Instruments, Books, Bangles, Hairpins, Ribbons, Hats, Robes and Clothes.

Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Prism Staff 30 BRV +26
ATK +35
Regen +30% Trade: 61,000 gil, Oaken Pole, Scarletite x1, Terrene's Desire x5
Fairy Tale 90 BRV +39
ATK +62
Regen +40% Trade: 158,000 gil, Prism Staff, Electrum x1, Terrene's Dream x5
Princess Guard 100 BRV +35
ATK +67
Regen +50%
Back to the Wall ability
Trade: 182,800 gil, Fairy Tale, Midgar Bouquet x1, Terrene's Hopes x5

Trade AccessoryEdit

Name Description
Midgar Bouquet

Sacrifice is sometimes necessary in the wake of danger, let it guide you to the Promised Land.


When battled in story mode an arrangement of Listen to the Cries of the Planet plays as the background music.