A troubled teenager born with evergrowing psychic powers. Rough looking and punkish, he values his friends and family deeply, and would go as far as to fight for them. He hails from the Squaresoft era game Live-A-Live, an RPG with a series of unique ministories detailing the lives of heroes throughout the wide world and different eras of time.

In a near future Japan, where research has brought advanced robotics and technology, orphaned youth Akira finds himself pitted against the vicious biker gang, the Crusaders, whose antics draw him more and more into serious occurrences. After learning of the legendary robot Buriki Daioh, he and his friends uncover a diabolical conspiracy that would decide the fate of his home country's future.

Summoned likewise by the deity Cosmos, he is destined to fight for the stability of creation. But being aloof and confused, his journeys take him far and wide to meet others who have been summoned here just like him, all before the truth of his purpose for battle is revealed.....


In battle, Akira is known as a Psycho Buster, making use of his psychic powers to unleash devastating projectiles and ranged area attacks. While not having many close range attacks, he makes up for this with them being hard hitting and staggering on impact. His disadvantages are that his more powerful attacks leave him open, and that he relies on continuous and accurate onslaughts, as full attack power comes with every direct hit.

Brave Attacks

Name Type Description
Low Kick Special Ground Akira gives the opponent a nice low kick, another low kick, winds up his extended leg for a lunge kick, and backspins for a rough but hard hitting roundhouse kick.
Elbow Smasher Ground/Aerial Akira lunges in with an elbow strike, following up with side-switch elbow strike, and leads into a punch, a small upper, and a combination shoulder charge and sendoff elbow thrust. The initial attack may be charged as a feint, and further charging can allow increased damage and clashing against blocking guards and oncoming close ranged attacks.
Mother Image Ground/Aerial Akira conjures pink visages of beautiful women that swarm around him and then spin off to find the opponent. Has good Tracking. Visages will only dissipate upon blocking.
Flame Image Ground/Aerial Pyrokinesis. Akira summons white hot columns of fire from the ground that spin around him and then launch off in four directions.
Freeze Image Ground/Aerial Cryokinesis. Within a 360 degree sphere of effect, Akira will condense water and the opponent around him to the point of freezing. Akira then shatters the ice into many projectiles. Initiates Chase.
Hell Image Ground/Aerial Akira conjures visages of demonic entities in front and behind him that will swarm the opponent. Has slight tracking.
Heaven Image Ground/Aerial Akira summons a swarm of divine sparks around him. If the opponent should be engulfed in the sparks, the player can lead in with another attack, with Akira charging a bigger spark to continuously tear at the enemy. Wall Rush.

HP Attacks

Name Type Range Description
Sleet Image Ground/Aerial Long Akira charges up crystalline reverse crescent blades in front and behind him to attack the opponent. Has slight tracking.
Holy Image Ground/Aerial Short/Mid/Long Akira charges up his powers. Upon releasing them, a swarm of ethereal and divine beings will immediately manifest around him and strike anything in front of them. Charging the attack will allow the image to expand farther and attack lengthier. Nullifies Long Ranged attacks.
Holy Blow Ground/Aerial Short/Mid/Long Akira molds a mist of spiritual light in his fist, before lunging in a powerful flying punch. Can be charge for longer distance and can reach from long range to short range.
Hell Image Finish Connected Long If the opponent cannot get out of Hell Image before the final moments, a powerful Oni demon will fly and strike the opponent.
Shadow Image Ground/Aerial Mid Umbrakinesis. Akira conjures a swarm of dark glowing radioactive spheres that spin twice around him, before slowly spreading out and creating dark, colorful implosions. Can nullify long ranged attacks.
Psycho Buster to the Void of Heaven Connected Short Connects with Elbow Smasher. After the final blow, Akira fires off Heaven Image and if it hits, he then uppercuts, sending the enemy flying.
Psycho Buster to the Pits of Hell Connected Mid Connects with Low Kick Special. Akira fires off a silhouette of himself. If it hits, Akira delves into the opponent's mind, stalling them before actively overloading the opponent's brain.

Ex Mode

Name Type Description
Weapon of the Heart: Gutsy Glove Ground/Aerial In this mode, Akira will gain his ultimate weapon, the Gutsy Glove. Akira will no longer flinch during attacks, and gains an increased Critical Bonus.
Power of the Heart: Eye of the Psyche Ground/Aerial The opponent's Brave Attacks will be announced like HP Attacks, allowing the player to dodge and evade quicker.
Holy Ghost R + Triangle Upon being hit by an attack, the player can time to press R + Triangle after receiving Brave Damage to summon an angel. The angel can attack the opponent during their attacks, stopping them, or can take the blows for Akira, acting as a false target during automated and continuous attacks. The angel also has a limited yet notable appearance time upon its summoning, allowing it to also mirror and perform Akira's own attacks as a double, increasing both the range and power output done by Akira.
Rise, Tin King Buriki Daioh EX Burst With all of his might, Akira summons Burki Daioh, and jumps into the cockpit, using Buriki to smash the opponent. During the beating, the player must input commands. If it fails, Akira accidentally pulls the wrong lever and will be hit with a metal pan, activating a salvo of Jom Jom Missiles, but succeeding allows Akira to wind up a Buriki Daioh style Holy Blow.

Exclusive EquipmentEdit

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Rebel's Glove 1 ATK Trade:
Punk's Armlet 50 ATK Trade:
Taeko's Fist! 95 ATK Trade:
Gutsy Glove 100 ATK Trade: