Vagrant Ashley
A powerful warrior armed with multiple weapons and a vast array of mystical abilities.

In his game, Vagrant Story, he was a highly skilled member of the Dangerous Criminal Task Force of the Valendia Knights of the Peace, and was given the mission to stop the heretic cult Mullenkamp from obtaining the powers of the dark city, Lea Monde. Little did he know that there was something even greater planned for him....

Within the grand metaphysical war of the Dissidia, one cycle included a horrific force of unholy nature designed from within the ranks of Chaos. Unknowingly used before in battles long ago, one member within eventually stole its knowledge and desired to seal it away. Ashley Riot, a member of Cosmos and great survivor of many wars before, eventually became the heir to seal away the terrible weapon of imbalance and corruption. But even as he walks away with such a terrible power to keep out from the war, there are many who seek his life and the forbidden evil that lurks subjugated within him....


Known as a Grand Master Breaker, Ashley's actions are capable of being seamlessly shifted into one another without delay or startup. Whenever an exclamation mark will rise over Ashley's head, this signifies an opportune moment to shift into another action. Should a transition into another action fail, the start up time will reset back to its normal speed.

Ashley's Attacks boast a unique function, where they have different approaches depending on what you do. Ashley is capable of having up to 5 different movesets, 4 equipable movesets based on types of weapons, each assigned to a specific direction on the D Pad and can be changed with R+Triangle and the assigned direction, and an initial Bare Handed moveset accessed with R+Triangle. All of his weapon type movesets boast different ranges of effect, speeds, startup times and have their own modifying stats that add onto Ashley's when they are currently equipped.

His Brave Attacks have two different variations; a chaining variation, when Circle is tapped, where the attack delivers more hits in a faster speed, while albeit weaker, and a charging variation, when Circle is held down, with less hits, but more powerful and direct. Both Brave variations also have opportune moments in their animations, and can be chained back and forth seamlessly into other attacks with the timing element, and can capably chain into an endless assault. Should the timing miss, the attack startup time will return to its original startup, leaving Ashley open to counter action.

His HP Attacks all require him to strike the opponent first before following in. They are the only actions not able to start a chain, only ending them, and because of the nature of his gameplay, he does not have Chained HP Attacks.

But you didn't think he would be that cheap, would you? He is a Riskbreaker, after all. Rather than give you Brave when he attacks, Chain attacks drains his own Brave, and the longer he is in the Chain, the greater the drain multiplier will be. The damage he deals during the chain will pool up in a separate Brave Pool. Unless Ashley finishes off the chain of attacks with a Brave Attack's final blow or an HP Attack, Ashley will not get the Brave Pool he built up. Should he get hit by any sort of attack, or fall into a Banish Trap, when he is not in Chaining mode, he will have his Brave beset at its current state, his separate Brave Pool will reset back to zero and it will not add into the Stage Brave Pool. Breaking his opponent will recover his Brave, but the multiplier will still be in effect.

Luckily for him, he is gifted with Defense Arts, which can turn the tide of the battle. His EX Gauge is also extremely slow to build up and burns out faster when activated, taking up to four times the normal amount of typical gauges, showing his reluctance to use the Dark and to keep him in balance.


Bare HandsEdit

Barehanded Attacks Martial Arts give Ashley an extremely balanced edge, relying on nothing but his own body as a weapon. Being the initial and basic moveset for Ashley, there are no bonuses granted with being barehanded, other than the moveset having good parameters for beginners.
Name Attack Type Position Type Description
Martial Arts Master Brave Attack Ground
Lotus Arts Brave Attack Ground
  • Ground Tapping: Draw Qi from the surroundings to infuse into a fist barrage.
  • Ground Charging: Draw Qi from the surroundings to infuse into a powerful series of groundshaking movements before unleashing a powerful palm blast.
Repulse Brave Attack Ground/Aerial
  • Ground Tapping: Primes legs to direct multiple kicks at vital points on the body.
  • Ground Charging: Steadily direct focused kicks at vital points on the body.
  • Aerial Tapping: Dive at the enemy and prime flying kicks to direct multiple kicks at vital points on the body.
  • Aerial Charging: Dive at the enemy, using the momentum to deliver a powerful set of focused kicks that carry the enemy away with you. Wall Rush.
Internal Arts Brave Attack Ground/Aerial
  • Ground Tapping: Ashley meditates and releases his Qi in a salvo of red magic at the opponent. Wall Rush
  • Ground Charging: Ashley meditates and releases his Qi in a vertical barrier that can deflect weaker attacks and stagger the enemy, before launching it in a focused blast. Tracking is worse. Initiates Chase.
  • Aerial Tapping: Same as Ground
  • Aerial Charging: Same as Ground
Penance Brave Attack Ground/Aerial
  • Ground Tapping: Ashley rushes in with dashing punches before delivering a powerful qi fist blow. Final blow initiates chase.
  • Ground Charging: Ashley rushes in with a devastating punch before charging up his extended palm with qi and blowing it up. Wall Rush.
  • Aerial Tapping: Ashley glides through the air performing flying kicks and hand strikes, before striking an explosive uppercut. Initiates Chase.
  • Aerial Charging: Ashley performs a flying kick colliding his Qi with the Dark to create a massive explosive reaction. Wall Rush.
Lotus Palm HP Attack Ground Tosses out a Targeting Sphere. Strike and quake the ground below you and deliver a mighty palm strike.
Vertigo HP Attack Ground/Aerial Tosses out a Targeting Sphere. Summon Qi to your feet to deliver an overtly powered blow to a vital point. Aerial performs a tracking flying kick.
Vermilion Aura HP Attack Ground/Aerial Tosses out a Targeting Sphere. Ashley draws upon natural energy that storms around him, before unleashing it in a focused blow.
Retribution HP Attack Ground/Aerial Tosses out a Targeting Sphere. Ashley gathers his hands in front of him to manifest Qi to collide with the Dark, causing an enormous explosion.


Daggers have fast start up times, but they are also the hardest to chain because of their speed. A skilled user can immediately chain into multihitting and devastating assaults in the blink of an eye.

Initial Weapon: Battle Knife

EX Dagger: Jambiya

Name Attack Type Position Type Description

Sword AttacksEdit

Slower than the Daggers, they give Ashley an all around boost in all stats, and are slightly stronger than bare handed.

Initial Weapon: Scimitar

EX Weapon: Wakizashi

Name Attack Type Position Type Description

Great Sword AttacksEdit

Great Swords give Ashley a greater range than a regular sword, but are somewhat slow. While they are primarily made for physical attacking, boosting Ashley's Attack and Bravery, they also have ranged magic based attacks that are nothing to sneeze at.

Initial Weapon: Broad Sword

EX Great Sword: Rune Blade

Name Attack Type Position Type Description

Great Axe AttacksEdit

Great Axes are heavily physical based, and have attacks that can have a range of effect and can destroy terrain. They require good coordination and timing to execute because of their slow startup.

Initial Weapon: Guisarme

EX Great Axe: Halbred

Name Attack Type Position Type Description

Stave AttacksEdit

Staves give Ashley a bonus in Defense and an EX Force absorbtion range increase. Their attacks are primarily Magical attacks, and while physical attacks aren't too powerful, they are extremely fast and can stagger opponents.

Initial Weapon: Wizard Staff

EX Stave: Sage's Cane

Name Attack Type Position Type Description
Khamseen Brave Ground/Aerial
  • Ground Tapping: Fiercely strike the opponent multiple times with the ferrule of the stave, that also gradually ignites into an explosive finish. Wall Rush.
  • Ground Charging: Focus your mental acuity to create a field of heat and wind in front of you that can trap the enemy, before dropping the ferrule fiercely and unleashing it into a blazing gale. Has Tracking, initiates Chase.
  • Aerial Tapping: Swings the staff to produce a field of explosive staying projectiles that can act as a defensive maneuver. Opponent can ricochet off of the projectiles.
  • Aerial Charging: Creates a flaming gale around you before releasing it, creating a blast range around you. Wall Rush.
Risksteep Brave Ground/Aerial
  • Ground Tapping: Perform a dashing blow into a debilitating combo of strikes with the staff. Defense drops to half during the activation of the attack, while Attack of Ashley increases by 1/2 of his initial value.
  • Ground Charging: Ashley turns his back on the opponent. Should the opponent strike, he will turn back around and counter with a fierce blow with the head that also unleashes a field of projectiles. A counter based attack, the attack depends on timing; should Ashley be late in reaction, he will absorb the attack which will cost him Brave half the value of the attack, should be be very late, he will only absorb 1/8 of the attack. Values beyond Ashley's current Brave pool will lead to Break.
  • Aerial Tapping: Toss the staff at the opponent, every time it rebounds and returns to you. Closer the attack is performed, the faster it returns. Finishes with a blow to the head with the head. Should it be blocked, the staff will return and can inflict the increased damage onto Ashley. Likewise, Defense drops to half during the activation of the attack, while Attack of Ashley increases by 1/2 of his initial value.
  • Aerial Charging: Same as Ground. Projectiles have tracking, Wall Rush.
Corporeal Quiescence Brave Ground/Aerial
  • Ground Tapping: Manifest crystals in a swarm around you before they are let loose, attacking the opponent. Tapping creates crystals, while holding after creating them will charge them up for greater damage and size. Crystal swarm does not track.
  • Ground Charging: Manifest crystalline magic to attack in a winding stream, before fully congealing and imploding the opponent. Stream can be maneuvered, should the opponent be caught, the stream can be directed to toss the opponent elsewhere.
  • Aerial Tapping: Same as Ground.
  • Aerial Charging: Same as Ground.
Pleiades Enfilade Brave Ground/Aerial
  • Ground Tapping: Charge up your concentration, before charging in and performing a powerful instantly performed chained attack with the staff, that ends with a field of frontal blasts. Initial dash will leave Ashley very vulnerable if missed, attack will do more damage if tapped in rhythm with the beat. Wall Rush.
  • Aerial Charging: Throw the staff, letting it spin around you while casting a great pulsating energy field around you that also gradually creates shining projectiles. Very slow start up, but can create a powerful defensive field within time.
Gravis Aether
Trinity Pulse

Mace AttacksEdit

Maces perform very little in chaining, but they are great in dealing quick damage.

Initial Weapon:

EX Mace: War Mace

Name Attack Type Position Type Description

Polearm AttacksEdit

Gives Ashley a great distance from the enemy to attack with and has attacks that can maneuver him and outflank the enemy's position.

Initial Weapon: Spear

EX Polearm: Brandistock

Name Attack Type Position Type Description

Great MaceEdit

Great Maces are unique in the fact they perform faster aerial attacks than ground attacks. Like the Great Axe, they are capable of destroying terrain, yet Great Maces can perform close range magical attacks. They give a bonus to both Physical and Magical Attacks.

Initial Weapon: Langdebeve

EX Great Mace: Destroyer

Name Attack Type Position Type Description

Crossbow AttacksEdit

Crossbows allow Ashley to hit from afar, and utilize both magical and physical attacks. While being powerful and having attacks that can ignore blocking, they are very imprecise at faraway distances, give Ashley an opening at short range and are hindered with reloading times.

Initial Weapon: Gastraphetes

EX Crossbow: Arbalest

Name Attack Type Position Type Description

Ex ModeEdit

Name Type Description
Successor of the Legacy! Mystic Wanderer! EX Mode Ashley's EX Mode grants him Titles from his originating game, and abilities that live up to the name. His back forcibly burns with the Blood Sin, as Ashley refuses to use it, despite being able to use it without repercussions.
EX Duration -50% EX Mode Bonus Ashley's EX Mode only lasts half as long.
Surging Balm EX Mode Bonus Replenishes HP, but rather digit by digit.
EX Critical EX Mode Bonus Allows Critical hits when Ashley is in EX Mode.
Ruler of Power EX Mode Bonus His Brave Attacks decrease their drain multiplier significantly.
Blade Master EX Mode Bonus All of his weapons transform into their best creatable weapons from the game made of Damascus, the best material to create them with. Because of this, Ashley's stats for all weapons are given the same stats, as the following :

  • Attack, Defense, Brave +20
  • EX Intake Range 25m
  • Sneak Attack Minor Effect
  • Riposte Minor Effect
  • Anti EX Minor Effect
Hands of Skill EX Mode Bonus Ashley's chaining ability will chain without the need of any timing. This makes Ashley extremely unpredictable to counter and dangerous in the right hands.
Conqueror of the Dark EX Mode Bonus Any EX Force from the opponent will be immediately drained to Ashley, extending his mode greatly.
The Phantom Pain Ex Burst

Ashley's EX Burst isn't going to be any easier to play!

Ashley will perform all final tier Break Arts to release the Phantoms within them. A random button will appear, and must be pressed in rhythm with Ashley's attacks, whose timing becomes greatly challenging and faster every hit. Failing to catch up or pressing the right button will immediately have Ashley discard his weapon and perform Retribution.

After 10 successful hits, Ashley will draw his originally equipped weapon and withdraw the Phantom Points within him and what he released to perform the Phantom Pain, a single blow that purges the infernal power by having it engulf the enemy. Depending on what weapon it is, a different effect will occur.

  • Dagger, Sword: Slashes the enemy, before the gash bursts
  • Great Sword, Axe: Slashes the enemy and launches them, as their gash engulfs them in sorcery
  • Polearm: A spinning thrust that strikes an explosion
  • Great Mace: A downwards slam that sends the opponent flying alight
  • Bare Hands: A forward punch into a spinning jump kick that detonates the opponent
  • Stave, Mace: Launches the enemy in an aura of sorcery
  • Crossbow: Fires a flaming ball of sorcery at the enemy that carries the enemy off aflame

Regardless, the opponent is free to have the powers of The Dark- At the cost of their own life.


Accessory Description/Effect Acquired Rank
Rood Necklace Should the past be taken from you, and the future be uncertain, always look for the light. LUK+4 Shop] File:Dissidia-SRank-Icon.png

Risktaker's Hopes, Risktaker's Desires, Risktaker's Dreams

Sigil: An ambivalent compound formed in the Grand Cathedral.


Destiny Board: Lea Monde Grand Cathedral, Factory

Battle Theme: The Battle Against Ifrit

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