"A once honorable warrior who bears the heart of the divine and the ability to take dragonic form."


Caius Render FFXIII-2

Caius Ballad is villain representative for Final Fantasy XIII-2 and a Warrior of Chaos

In the original story Caius was once a l'cie of the Paddra tribe who was given the focus to protect the seeress Yeul and was rewarded by the Goddess  Etro with her immortal Heart of Chaos for his devotion allowing him to live to protect the farseers endless reincarnations. When the timeline shifted Yeul begun to die young from the strain and Caius resolved to destroy time forever allowing her to live together forever with himself.

In the game's story mode, his opposing hero is Serah.


Caius's apperance is identical to his apperance in Final Fantasy XIII-2 with his hair adorned with feathers and tribal beads, with a long, purple and black headband to hold it back. His form-fitting black and purple armor resembles Bahamut and he wears dark boots lined with white fur. The Etro script on the back of his armor translates to: "Undying Witness of Infinite Fate". In his EX Mode Caius becomes Jet Bahamut giving him a dragons head, tail and wings as well as pale clawed hands and an extra pair of arms crossed across his chest.

Caius's manikin, Fleeting Immortal, is deep violet pink.


Caius is described as a Shapechanger, which means he can shift his form mid battle to alter the effects of his attacks. To master Caius one must master the ability to shift between the versatility of his human form and the mobility and power of his Chaos Bahamut form.

Inherent Abilities

Name Type Description
Metamorphosis Ability Changes his form from human to dragon, activates while R while holding L.
Glide Ability Glides through the Air by holding X. (Chaos Bahamut and EX Mode only)

Brave Attacks

Name Type Range Damage Type Description Additional Effects
Graviton Ground Close Physical and Magical Swipe at the enemy with a horizontal slash sweeping them in the air, then plast them with four orbs of gravity magic blasting them into the ground. If in Chaos Bahamut form Caius can only launch one graviton orb. Wallrush
Giga Graviton Ground Long Magical Launch an energy orb which travels as long as the button is held, upon letting go it creates a gravity sphere absorbing the enemy then launching them to the ground. Wallrush
Dragon Claws Ground Close Physical Swing sword left and right rapidly with each button press accumulating to a powerful stab attack. Quick with a bit of tracking with each button press. Chaos Bahamut can link Pulsar Burst from the final blow while Caius must link from the the second slash. Wallrush
Umbral Vise  Aerial Close Physical Swing sword left and right before leaping backward firing a sphere of gravity that dunks the enemy into the floor. Chaos Bahamut will instead do a single clap of energy causing a powerful eruption. Wallrush, Guard Break (Chaos Bahamut and EX Mode)
Ignis Aerial Long Magical Conjure a large globe of blue flame which will travel a meter slowly before homing into the enemy at high speed. N/A
Whirlwind Aerial Close-Mid Physical Caius does a spinning 360 degree slash, before he does a brutal upward swing of the sword. In Chaos Bahamut mode he will do a 720 degree charge that generates a small cyclone around himself but not the uppercut. Wallrush (Normal and EX Mode), Absorb, Magic Block (Chaos Bahamut and EX Mode)
Hunting Dive Aerial Dive Physical Caius quickly swoops down, striking the enemy with an overhead strike of his sword. Generates extra EX Force. In Chaos Bahamut Mode you can do two single hitting swoops. Magic Block

 HP Attacks

Name Type Range Damage Type Description Additional Effects
Blastwave Ground Mid Magical Slam sword on the ground sending out three waves of energy that travel fast in a linear triangle fashion. Deals more damage the further the distance from a wall or edge. N/A
Eye of Bahamut Ground Long Magical Slam sword on floor creating a salvo of highspeed energy bullets that home into the enemy. Highspeed but can be blocked. N/A
Comet Ground/ Aerial Long Magical Hold down buttons to summon runes in the sky, upon letting go it summons a large fireball to fall from the sky. Each rune the comet passes through increases its size and power. Wallrush, Absorb
Obliterating Breath Ground/ Aerial Long Magical Unleash a pair of lasers that sweep horizontally before causing a line of explosions in its wake. N/A
Inferno Aerial Close Magical Swing sword launching a blast of fire below Caius that ignites into a high pillar of flames. Wallrush

Brave to HP Attacks

Name Type Range Damage Type Description Additional Effects
Pulsar Burst Ground Combo Magical (Chained from Dragon Claws) Soar upward, blasting targets within a wide radius of intense light.

EX Mode - Incarnate Summoning!

Name Type Description
Regen EX Ability Recovers HP over time during EX Mode.
Critical Boost EX Ability Doubles Critical Hit Rate while in EX Mode
Reraise EX Ability Caius will automatically reset to base bravery when broken.
Body and Soul EX Ability Caius's attacks combine the abilities of both his human and Chaos Bahamt forms.
Winged Chaos EX Burst Caius begins a countdown, you must the Summon command in the Final Fantasy XIII battle HUD to call both Amber and Garnet Bahamut before it runs out. Upon success the three great dragons all charge a magical blast in their maw. before energy gathers around the enemy and all three unleash a powerful flare spell creating the mighty Exaflare.


Caius can equip Greatswords, Axes, Scythes, Shields, Gauntlets, Headbands, Helmets, Heavy Armor, Light Armor and Chestplates.

Exclusive Weapons

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Shard Blade 30 ATK +42 DEF -2 Damage +5% Trade: 61000 gil, Longsword, Scarletite x1, Immortal's Desire x5
Flesh Render 90 ATK +64 DEF -1 Damage +7% Trade: 158,000 gil, Shard Blade, Electrum x1, Immortal's Dream x5
Chaos's Revenge 100 ATK +69 DEF -1 Damage +10%, Slight
Sneak Attack effect
Trade: 182,800 gil, Flesh Render, Heart of Chaos x1, Immortal's Hopes x5

Trade AccessoryEdit

Name Description
Heart of Chaos

Nothing is unable to be sacrificed for the sake of the fate of one youth.


When Caius is faced in battle during story mode, Invisible Depths plays as the default background music.