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"An imposing man with a philosophy of might makes right, he wields a powerful machina canon and gunblade with dual purpose."


Gaius van Baelsar is a villain and character representing Final Fantasy XIV.

In the original title he was a powerful and well respected general from the Garlean Empire and sought to bring Eorzea under his heel, although undermanned he lead his XIVth Legion in hopes that his secret weapon the machina known as Ultima Weapon would allow him to claim victory for the empire. He met his end when he was defeated by the Bringer's of Light in the Praetorium after being duped by the Ascian, Lahabrea. A veteran warrior, master politician and cunning tactician, Gaius has many virtures that earned him his high rank and popularity as the paragon among the Garlean military .


In his normal form Gaius wears an intimidating suit of black armor over a long red coat and a horned helmet bearing a skull like visage and gas mask like breathers. In his EX Mode Gaius's armor and weapon take a gold sheen from the Aetherial powering his armor.

In his first alternate form Heavy Darksteel Armor Gaius wears a different black suit of armor based on the same named set from Final Fantasy XIV.

In his second alternate form Heavy Allagan Armor Gaius wears another suit of black armor based on the like named set from Final Fantasy XIV.

His Manikin is lilac and called the Wolf of Obsucurtiy.


Gaius is an Magitek Overlord who strikes swiftly and powerfully with his incredible magitek and machina weaponry, Gaius's arsenal can be charged at anytime increasing the lethality of his attacks. This charge is represented by a meter that fills with a blue bar when charged. When this meter is charged higher Gaius moves and attacks faster and his ATK points rise, however Gaius's Ceruleum meter is always decreasing at a slow and steady pace. When Gaius is charged his body and sword become engulfed by blue fire, the higher the meter the more fire.

Inherent Abilities

Name Type Description
Magitek Booster Ability Charges and fuels Gaius's Ceruleum meter by holding R and [Square].

Brave Attacks

Name Type Range Damage Type Description Additional Effects
Hand of the Empire Ground Long Physical Launch a powerful bolt of ceruleum from Gaius's arm cannon. Fast projectile speed with high damage but little vertical tracking capabilities. Wallrush
Innocence Ground Mid Physical Charge then take a short step forward and unleash a combo of three sweeping horizontal slashes, increases the range and power of sword swings the longer it is charged. Guard Break (When Fully Charged), Chase
Vicious Aetherplasm Ground Mid Physical Lunge forward with instantaneous speed and grab the enemies skull in a powerful clawed grip before unleashing a bolt of Aether from Gaius's palm blasting them with a powerful blow. Chase
Homing Laser Ground Extreme Magical Fire a shot upward from Gaius's arm cannon which fires high into the air before splitting into three lasers that lance the enemy from different angles. Chase
Heirsbane Ground/ Aerial Long Physical Unleash a quick three round burst from the Gaius's gunblade. Great vertical tracking but low homing. Chase
Sentence Aerial Mid Physical Aim and charge in a linear direction at high speed and unleash a powerful spinning slash of Gaius's sword upon contact. Can be aimed with control stick. Wallrush, Magic Block
Subjugate Aerial Rise/Dive Physical Unleash a fast moving spinning slice upon colliding fire a shot into the opponent launching them upward or downward depending on their position. Wallrush

HP Attacks

Name Type Range Damage Type Description Additional Effects
Aetherburn Ground Close Magical Ignite blade and swing it in a circle causing a ring of blue fire to ignite and scorch the floor underneath Gaius's feet. Magic Block
Terminus Est Ground/ Aerial Long Physical Slash twice to create a X-shaped arc of energy before Gaius which will hang in the air before firing at high speed at the enemy. Guard
Freefire Ground/ Aerial Mid Physical Aims and fires a flare from Gaius's arm canon before the wreckage of an airship cockpit descends on the flare crushing all in its path. Wallrush
Judgement Aerial Long Magical Fire a shot of energy from Gaius's arm cannon traveling in line as a highspeed bullet before expanding into a large sphere of energy. Wallrush
Magitek Ray Aerial Long Magical Fire a laser from Gaius's arm cannon in a horizontal sweep gathering energy before creating a discharge of aether and smoke. Absorb, Wallrush

EX Mode - Right to Rule

Name Type Description
Regen EX Ability Recovers HP over time during EX Mode.
Critical Boost EX Ability Doubles Critical Rate while in EX Mode
Aetherial Overdrive EX Ability Gaius's Ceruleum meter is always full.
The Heart of Sabik EX Burst Tap L and R in sequence to charge the Ceruleum meter!

Gaius fires a charged blast from his armcannon blasting the enemy into the EX Zone with a burst of blue energy, He then holds up the power core of Ultima Weapon in his hand. Upon charging correctly Gaius unleashes Ultima, gathering a burst of blue energy and unleashing it into a super powered sphereical explosion of ceruleum and blue fire into the air raining down five pillars of intense magical energy. If you fail Gaius will instead use Eikon's Wrath unleashing aetherial phantoms of Ifrit, Garuda and Titan who unleash a tri attack of three elements on the enemy.


Gaius can equip Swords, Katanas, Guns, Gunblades, Gauntlets, Shields, Heavy Armor, Chestplates, Helmets and Crowns.

Exclusive Weapons[]

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Magitek Gunblade 30 HP -377
BRV +83
ATK +40
DEF -2
EX Damage +5% Trade: 61,000 gil, Cutting Trigger, Scarletite x1, Wolf's Desire x5
Wolfbite 90 HP -288
BRV +69
ATK +63
DEF -1
EX Damage +10% Trade: 158,000 gil, Magitek Gunblade, Electrum x1, Wolf's Dream x5
Heirsbane 100 HP -328
BRV +79
ATK +68
DEF -1
EX Damage +15%
First Strike ability
Trade: 182,800 gil, Wolfbite, Solus's Favor x1, Wolf's Hopes x5

Trade Accessory[]

Name Description
Solus's Favor

It is only a strong shepherd that can deliver the ignorant from their mendacity.


When Gaius is faced in battle during story mode, Ultima plays as the default background music.


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