Hello there, first timer!

So you're interested in creating a character because you really like Dissida, and you really want to create a page and moveset for them.

But where do we start? Not to worry! Here we are, let's help you get that creativity flowing and your ideas out!

Creating a MovesetEdit

Select your Character!!Edit

Coming here, you did have a character in mind, right? Hehehehe, not to worry.

The most important thing about your character is that you should know:

  • who they originally belong to, company wise, which is important for the Categories on the bottom of the page. This helps organize characters by series so that they're easy for access and profiling.
  • For now please preferably limit characters to Square Enix related series, there is a little leniency for use of Nintendo characters (under the argument that they have published several Square games), but the majority should be SE material - this includes manga, anime and films published under Square's name.
  • Who originally made their fan made movesets. While technically you don't own the character, they do come under fair use through fan derivative and non profit alterations. Add your username or signature name along side the character or in the title, so that you can point out which is yours.

Analyze and get crazy with your character's personal aspects!Edit

Dissidia is all about shout outs and celebrations of that character's world and their own personal baggage, emotional and material, which defined their story and their own identity through their ordeals and journeys. Clearly, it's a world-indulgent, go-crazy, reference-filled, fan-party of a game with a lot of excitement and action filled fighting.

Nerd out on references!

How do they fight?Edit

You do know of their games, their abilities, their powers, their skills, right?

And you have played Dissidia, haven't you?

We'll just assume you have.

But here are some tips:

  • Give them original moves if they need them. The best thing to do is to base attacks off of various in canon events they have done.
  • Please don't make them cheap. Think of some weakness and drawbacks.
  • Base movesets and their attributes in battle off of the works they originally starred in! Helps a lot and allows for good continuity.

Tips and PointersEdit