Gunner Base

The Gunner is a generic Job Class character.

Gunners are...gunners. They shoot stuff at people. Enough said.


The Gunner's base outfit is based on the Gunner/Fusilier from Tactics Advance/A2, but without the characteristics of the Moogle because the character is not a Moogle.

The only alternative outfit is based on the XI Corsair outfit. To unlock it, similarly to Scholar, the player must win 50 matches using Ranger, with Gunner as an Assist.


Since the Gunner is an Assist Only Character, the player cannot use him directly. However, as an Assist, the Gunner can damage the opponent from far way, which can work well with combos.

Move Type Description
Trigger Finger Ground (Bravery) A round of fast, multi-hit, long ranged double gun shots towards the enemy.
Shock Shot Aerial (Bravery) Shoots bullets upwards, later striking down on the enemy like lightning bolts.
Hyper Laser Ground (HP) The user fires a large laser beam.
Rocket Blaster Aerial (HP) The user shoots a rocket, aiming at the enemy and slowly hits it.