Magus is the dark mage waging war against the Kingdom of Guardia in 600 A.D. He is portrayed as brooding, potent, gloomy, and indomitably ambitious, especially in regards to finding his sister, Schala.

Magus, though serving Chaos, is generally displeased with his allies. Finding them to range anywhere from unamusing to down right annoying, and often talks down to them in a manner similar to Cloud of Darkness and ExDeath. He particularly dislikes Sephiroth, claiming that "Though you may escape Death, the Black Wind will always howl in your ears."

Though his rival is Frog, he also has an equally unpleasant relationship with the majority of Cosmos's Warriors, often reminding some of them of more heartless villains.


Magus has pale gray skin, long, light blue hair, and has pointed ears; with his portrait showing his face looking sad. Magus wears a cloak (completely purple for Chrono Trigger's in-game sprite, while the official artwork shows him wearing a red cloak), dark magenta leggings, gauntlets, boots, and a chest plate, which all appear to be made of leather.

His alt outfits match the appearances of Gil and Guile, from Radiant Dreamers and Chrono Cross respectively, as they both are rumored to be alternate identities of his. He also has a DLC costume to match the Prophet of Zeal.

His Manikin is crimson and called the Temporal Darkness.


Magus's fighting style is described as a Zealous Mage, battering the enemy with long combos and powerful magic. He has a lot of tools at his disposal, giving him an edge in many match-ups, however they are rather situational due to how specific some moves are and his generally slow fighting style.

Brave Attacks

Name Position Range Type Description Additional Effects
Judgement Ground Close Physical Barrage the opponent with a flurry of slashes Chase
Star Scythe Ground Mid Physical Magus throws his scythe into the air, bringing the opponent down behind him before slashing through them. Holding up at the end will cause him to slash into the air. None
Hurricane Ground/ Aerial Mid Physical Two spinning strikes that knock the opponent away Chase
Lightning Strike Ground/ Aerial Long Magical Call down lightning that lifts the opponent upwards HP Branch
Zealous Flame Ground/ Aerial Special Magical Shoot a fireball at the opponent None
Freezing Dash Ground/ Aerial Special Magical Dash forward while coated in ice, slashing the opponent away. If the circle pad is held up or down they will be tossed in that direction. Chase
Dark Bomb Ground/ Aerial Special Magical Shoot out a small orb of darkness in an arc that explodes into black flame after a short time. Can be charged to increase distance. None
Crescent Aerial Mid Physical Magus tosses his scythe downwards, carrying the opponent above him before slashing them skyward None
Moonfall Aerial Mid Physical Magus throws his scythe upwards, carrying the opponent below him before sending them to the ground None

HP Attacks

Name Position Range Type Description Additional Effects
Lightning 2 Combo Combo Magical [Combo from Lightning Strike] Magus invokes electrical properties in the surrounding area to damage the enemy. Ground Rush
Omega Flare Ground Mid~Long Magical Fire off a destructive laser. Changes attack based on charge. Low charge is a quick and short forward sweep, medium charge is a horizontal sweep and full charge is a tall, explosive wave. Guard Break
Magic Wall Ground/ Aerial Guard Magical Magus creates a barrier of energy, sealing judgement upon those who dare strike it. If the block succeeds Magus unleashes a haze of malevolent shadow energy upon the battlefield. Guard
Ice 2 Ground/ Aerial Mid Magical Magus invokes ice boulders that fall upon the enemy. Guard Break
Fire 2 Ground/ Aerial Mid~Long Magical Magus creates an explosion of fire around the enemy. Only deals HP damage upon the final explosion. Can be charged to increase range. None
Black Hole Ground/ Aerial Long Magical Magus creates a spatial distortion that engulfs enemies. It will linger on the field for a few seconds before imploding. Absorb
Dark Matter Ground/ Aerial Ultra Long Magical Levitate around the arena, charging up energy for the ultimate destructive power of Shadow magic. If the incantation finishes, a triangular prism appears around the opponent, causing massive bravery damage before exploding into darkness. None

EX Mode - The Black Wind Howls

Name Type Description
Regen EX Ability Recovers HP over time during EX Mode.
Critical Boost EX Ability Doubles Critical Hit Rate while in EX Mode
Glide EX Ability Shadow magic allows free movement in the air using a black mist by holding X
Doom Sickle EX Ability Increases damage as health goes down
Dark Eternal EX Burst Evaporate into the shadows, charging up elemental energy before releasing the full power of the Black Wind. Rapidly press the buttons that appear to power up elemental strikes.


  • Weapons: Spears, Axes, Rods, Staves, Poles
  • Chest Armor: Clothing, Robes
  • Head Armor: Hats, Helms
  • Hand Armor: Bangles, Gauntlets

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Warlock Scythe 30 HP +376 BRV -84 ATK +40 DEF +2 Magic Damage +5% Trade: 61,000 gil, Base Weapon, Scarletite x1, Darkness's Desire x5
Hadean Sickle 90 HP +287 BRV -70 ATK +63 DEF -1 Magic Damage +10% Trade: 158,000 gil, Weapon 1, Electrum x1, Darkness's Dream x5
Dream Reaper 100 HP +327 BRV -80 ATK +67 DEF +1 Magic Damage +15%

Sneak Attack effect

Trade: 182,800 gil, Weapon 2, Black Wind x1, Darkness's Hopes x5


  • The way his BRV magic functions is based off of a side scrolling fan game known as The Rise of Magus, showing a fan reenactment of his actions in from ~580AD to 600AD.
  • The names of nearly all of his scythes are referenced in his movelist as his only Physical attacks, with the rest being either exclusive equipment or apart of his EX-Mode (in the case of Doom Scythe).
  • His exclusive equipment being based on rods is a nod towards Guile from Chrono Cross, as is his Alt2 costume.