Paladin Base

The Paladin is a generic Job Class character.

Paladins are holy knights who will protect and help anyone who needs protection. As such, they tend to be tanks, meaning that defeating one will be a difficult task due to the Paladins' naturally high defenses.


The Paladin's base outfit is the one shown from Final Fantasy Tactics A2.

His first alternate outfit is derived from Brandt's Paladin complete Paladin outfit from The 4 Heroes of Light.

His second alternate outfit is from the Paladin outfit from XI.

The Paladin's Manikin, Iterated Sentinel, is monochrome.


As a tank, the Paladin is skilled at taking hits and the more he is hit, the stronger some of his attacks are. He is more of a Ground attacker, although a number of his moves can also be done in the air. In contrast to most, if not all, Paladins, this one cannot heal at all, not even in EX Mode, so it is advised to be careful on which attacks to take and which ones to avoid.

Innate Abilities

Name Type Description
Hit Counter Ability For every hit on this character by an opponent, the Hit Counter increases by 1 and attacks that utilize this counter will be increased by 10%, rounded down, multiplied by the number on the Hit Counter (ex: 2 Hits = 20%, 10 Hits = 100%, 20 Hits = 200%).

Brave Attacks

Name Type Description
Sentinel Ground The user does not move, having his shield up. The user will absorb all damage the enemy dishes out and takes no recoil. The player must hold the button to last the stance longer, but can only hold for 30 seconds per enemy hit, meaning if the enemy contnuously attacks, the move can be held indefinately. However, if the efffect ends, there will be a 1 minute cooldown. Guard, Magic Guard
Saint Cross Ground Holy energy pops up around the user, knocking the enemy to the sky diagonally. Chase, Wall Rush
Cleansing Strike (ground) Ground An energy sword appears from the ground to attack the enemy from below. Deals more damage the more the user gets hit. Chase
Vendetta Ground/ Aerial The user takes a stance with his sword ready, but defense increases by 10%. The user counter-attacks afterward. Deals 1.5x the damage taken.
Bait Ground/ Aerial The user doesn't move, but defense increases by 20%. Also, the enemy gets drawn to the Paladin. Absorb, Magic Absorb
Double Strike Ground/ Aerial The user slices the enemy with two swords, dual-weilded.
Cover Ground/ Aerial The user teleports himself to the front of the enemy. Any damage afterward for the next 10 seconds gets reduced by 10%.
Cleansing Strike (air) Aerial An energy sword appears in front of the user and is launched forward. Deals more damage the more the user gets hit.

HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Holy Blade Ground The user enchants his sword with holy energy and chops the enemy with it, leaving behind a small trail of energy in case the move misses.
Holy Ground Four pillars of light strike down on the enemy, one at a time.
Divine Ruination Ground/ Aerial The user fires a beam from his sword.
Avenge Ground/ Aerial The user gathers all the energy from the beatings he took and strikes the enemy with his sword. This move doubles the damage percentage from the Hit Counter (ex: 2 Hits = 40%, 10 Hits = 200%, etc.) May break the damage limit. However, using this move resets the Hit Counter.
Shock Aerial Lightning surrounds the user, damaging anyone in the attack radius. Deals more damage the more the user gets hit.
Holy Lance Aerial The user enchants his spear with holy energy as he drops to the ground, leaving behind a small explosion around the user when he lands.

EX Mode - Holy Knight's Honor

Name Type Description
Critical Boost EX Ability Doubles Critical Hit Rate during EX Mode
Semi-Invincibility EX Ability The user will not take Brave damage during EX Mode, but can still be affected by HP damage.
Equipped Save the Queen EX Ability The user equips the Save the Queeen from FFTA, increasing the attack range of his close-ranged attacks. Two appear when using Double Strike.
Hit Counter + EX Ability The Hit Counter increases by 10 during EX Mode. This increase will not be reset due to the side-effect of its EX Burst or Avenge, but will be reset once out of EX Mode.
Sacred Blade EX Burst Charge by repeatedly pressing CIRCLE and the user attacks the enemy with a powerful Holy Blade. Fail and the user just slashes the enemy. Normally, this move will not break the damage limit, but if the damage Avenge does will break the damage limit due to its effect, this move will break the damage limit as well.


Paladin can equip Swords, Daggers, Greatswords, Spears, Parrying Weapons, Shields, Large Shields, Helms, Robes, Light Armor, Heavy Armor, and Chestplates..

Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Holy Knight's Sword 30 ATK+40
Defense +5% Trade: 61,000 gil, Greatsword, Scarletite x1, Sentinel's Desire x5
Defend the Queen 90 ATK+65
Defense +7% Trade: 158,000 gil, Holy Knight's Sword, Electrum x1, Sentinel's Dream x5
Sacred Sword 100 ATK+69
Defense +10%
Back to the Wall effect
Trade: 182,800 gil, Defend the Queen, Holy Star x1, Sentinel's Hopes x5