Princess Sara

"The graceful and charming crown princess of the kingdom of Cornelia. With lute in hand her voice and song enchant the battlefield."


Princess Sarah is a heroine and character representing Final Fantasy.

In the original title Sarah's presence enchanted even Garland but when he betrayed the kingdom he captured her and brought her to the Chaos Shrine. It was the precious Lute that she carried that allowed the Warriors of Light to confront Garland a final time. Her beauty is often remarked to resemble the Goddess of Harmony herself.

In the game's story mode, she stirs memories long since buried in both the Warrior of Light and Garland. She forges a promise with both Cosmos and the Warrior of Light to save Chaos- Garland himself from his cycle of death and rebirth and becomes intwined with their fate and the fate of the cycles themselves.


Sarah's default costume is identical to her original poster artwork by Yoshitaka Amano; an elaborate golden ballgown and headress adorn with jewels and scarves. In EX Mode her dress turns into a pure white colour, mirroring Cosmos.

Sarah's first alternate outfit the Veiled Beauty is based on the cover art of Final Fantasy by Yoshitaka Amano. Where her headress is changed unto an ornately decorated helmet and a translucent veil covers her lower face while her dress remains unchanged.

Sarah's second alternate outfit, Vermillion Tresses is based on her artwork for the Dawn of Soul's version of Final Fantasy, Where she wears a much simpler white and mint coloured gown and a golden crown. Her hair is longer, looser and coloured green in this outfit.

Her Manikin is blue and called the False Maiden


Sarah is a Troubadour, her attacks are magical in nature conjured by playing her lute and have the ability to be cast indefinitely by holding down the button. Sarah like Ultimecia and Kuja is also able to move while attacking allowing her to keep herself out of harms way with careful maneuvering. Sarah is a difficult character to use and requires great finesse and the ability to consciously control the space between her and the enemy.

Brave Attacks

Name Type Range Damage Type Description Additional Effects
Mana's Paean Ground/ Aerial Long Magical A song of magical attack, pillars of light burst from below the enemy one after another launching the enemy sky high when struck. Wallrush
Mighty March Ground Mid Magical A song of magical defense, Sarah will surround herself in a bubble of light which summons small light bullets to stalk the enemy. Magic Block
Fortune's Refrain Ground Close Magical A song of defensive ability, Hold down button to draw the opponent to you and let go to surround Sarah with an aura of holy light. Block, Chase
Spirit's Hymn Ground/ Aerial Long Magical Strike chord sending a powerful orb of magic at the enemy's location. Letting go of the button causes the orb to explode in a wide range of golden energy. Guard Break
Heroes Rime Ground/ Aerial Close Magical An aura of magical notes explodes around Sarah she can repeat this skill up to 3 times. Very fast and easy to chain. Magic Block, Chase
Cheer Aerial Long Magical A song of magical attack, golden tears will shower onto the enemy from the sky. Wallrush
Sinewy Etude Aerial Long Magical A song of magical attack, a circle of magic materialize around the enemy and contacts around them, touching the ring cause brave damage and stun the enemy long enough to be impaled by the full circle. Chase

HP Attacks

Name Type Range Damage Type Description Additional Effects
Requiem Ground/ Aerial Close Magical A single chord which causes a shockwave bursts outwards from Sarah blasting enemies backwards. Magic Block, Wallrush
Paeon Ground/ Aerial Mid Magical Conjure several shining scores of magic music to radiate forward from Sarah summoning a wave a of light when the button is let go. N/A
Pray Ground/ Aerial Long Magical Summon a shining sphere of magic in the air which launches rays of light magic that home into the enemy. N/A
Elegy Ground/ Aerial Long Magical Summon a sphere of magical notes which will stalk the enemy at a moderate pace as long as the button is held. Wallrush

EX Mode - Soul Voice

Name Type Description
Regen EX Ability Recovers HP over time during EX Mode.
Critical Boost EX Ability Doubles Critical Rate while in EX Mode
Hastemarch EX Ability Sarah strums at a faster pace, increasing the frequency of musical attacks.
Life's Anthem Special Sarah will strum her lute speeding up the process of her Regen.
Prelude EX Burst

Press the buttons prompted as they pass through the music staff!

Sarah begins strumming the Prelude on her Lute, as clouds and water rage in the sky above and form an image of the goddess Cosmos who rains down a purifying shower of golden shards of crystal.


Sarah can equip Instruments, Bows, Books, Whips, Bangles, Rings, Crowns, Hairpins, Ribbons, Robes and Clothes.

Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Ocarina 30 BRV -42
ATK +40
DEF +2
EX Core Absorption +10% Trade: 61,000 gil, Diamond Bell, Scarletite x1, Maiden's Desire x5
Chime 90 BRV -42
ATK +63
DEF +1
EX Core Absorption +15% Trade: 158,000 gil, Ocarina, Electrum x1, Maiden's Dream x5
Cornelian Lute 100 BRV -42
ATK +68
DEF +2
EX Core Absorption +20%
Riptose ability
Trade: 182,800 gil, Chime, Rythmia x1, Maiden's Hopes x5

Trade AccessoryEdit

Name Description
Rythmia I would just like to help them both, so we will return home together.


When battled in story mode an arrangement of Castle Cornelia is used as the background music.


  • Sarah's exclusive weapons are Key Items from the original Final Fantasy. The Ocarina is a trade item in the Whisperwind Cove, the Chime is used to open the Magic Tower and the Cornelian Lute is the item that opens the gate in the ruined Chaos Shrine.
  • Sarah's EX Mode Soul Voice is the Two-Hour Ability for the Bard in Final Fantasy XI as well as one of Sarah's abilites in Therahythm Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade.
  • Sarah's attacks are named after several recurring abilities used by the Bardsong/Sing command and her EX Burst is named after the recurring song in the Final Fantasy series.
  • Sarah's Trade Accessory is named after the Rythmia gameplay element from Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, while her EX Burst action command is modeled after its gameplay.