Quina Quen character
"Without noble heart or malicious intent, is this mysterious wanderer wholly innocent or simply lost?"

Quina is a strange gourmand from Qu's Marsh. Being of the Qu race, she wishes to travel the world in search of rare and exotic cuisine. Along with Zidane and his companions, she defeated the maddened Kuja and, ultimately, saved the world from Necron's malice. She is a Blue Mage, learning a monster's secrets by dining on them.


Quina's default appearance is based directly upon her appearance in Final Fantasy IX. Quina always wears a chef's hat, and her tongue is always hanging out to the middle of her chest. She wears a salmon-pink overcoat with a baby-pink apron over it, has a napkin tied around his/her neck, and wears white gloves and blue shoes with white ribbons. For EX Mode, Quina enters Trance Mode, negating the colors of her clothing and body, and equips her ultimate weapon, the Gastro Fork.

Quina's alternate outfit is based on Quale. Quina's primary alternate outfits recolors her outfit to be mainly a faded pink color with dark maroon accents, and gives her Quale's blonde hair that protrudes from her chef hat.

Quina's secondary alternate outfit based on Quan completely redresses Quina to resemble a Chinese Scholar. Her chef hat changes to black and gold rectangular hat, while her coat bears scarlet symbols with golden accents.

Her Manikin version, Capricious Gourmand, is indigo.


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Quina's fighting style is that of a Gimmick Master. Each attack used has a separate gimmick and effect that can alter the flow of battle for better or for worse. As such, Quina makes for much more of a tactical fighter than a straightforward brawler. She can either have an extreme advantage over her foes, or be at a huge disadvantage. Careful planning is necessary at all times.

Brave Attacks

Name Type Description
Eat Ground Quina enlarges her mouth and swallows the opponent whole, chewing several times before spitting them back out. Once eaten, Quina absorbs one of her foe's powers (in a similar vein to Bartz' Mime abilities) for a short period of time. The power acquired depends on the enemy's current ground Brave moves.
Frog Drop Ground Quina looks absently into the sky as a frog of varying size and power drops on the opponents head from above. The size and power of the frog depends on the number of (Golden) Marsh Frog items obtained through Battlegen.
Night Ground Quina sticks her tongue out as violet angel feathers fall upon the surrounding area, putting both Quina and her enemy into a deep sleep. Although Quina quickly awakens, her enemy slumbers for much longer (granted the spell connects).
Taste Test Ground Quina lunges forward and pierces the opponents midsection with her fork. A short-ranged, low damage attack that happens almost instantly and staggers the opponent for a moment after the attack connects. Damage dealt is completely randomized.
Frost Ground Quina raises her fork skyward as a pillar of ice juts out of the ground, encasing any enemy caught within it. While this attack causes no damage, it leaves the enemy completely vulnerable for several seconds and increases the damage dealt by the next attack.
Lv3 Defenseless Ground Quina fires a string of tiny violet orbs from her fork that home in on the enemy and temporarily disable the use of the enemy's Guard. Increases the time that guarding is disabled if the enemy's level is a multiple of 3.
Goblin Punch Ground Quina rears back and enlarges her fist before lunging forward, pummeling the opponent and sending them flying backwards. More damage is dealt if the enemy is the same level as Quina. Initiates Chase.
Pumpkin Head Aerial Quina raises her fork, calling a giant pumpkin to fall on the enemy's head. The damage caused is determined by the difference between Quina's max HP and her current HP. For aesthetic effect, the pumpkin head remains stuck on the enemy for several seconds after the attack connects.
1000 Needles Aerial Quina's body instantly stiffens, as a Cactaur, before she aims her head at an enemy and fires a barrage of one thousand needles directly at the opponent. Causes a maximum of exactly one thousand Brave damage, if the entire attack connects.
White Wind Aerial Quina twirls her arms in a rapid circular motion beside her as a vortex of white wind surrounds her body. The spell slowly regenerates Quina's Brave points, but leaves her completely vulnerable.
Lv4 Holy Aerial Quina's body is engulfed in an orb of holy blue light as thin rays of energy shoot out around her and freely traverse the arena, resulting in a final burst of magical energy. The damage dealt is increased if the enemy's level is a multiple of 4.

HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Earth Shake Ground Quina stabs her fork into the ground, causing the earth around her to tremble and collapse. Depending on where the opponent is hit, they can either be stuck in the ground or can be launched into the air, initiating Chase.
Limit Glove Ground Quina outstretches her palms and creates a sphere of scarlet energy. Upon fully charging, the orb homes in on and encases the enemy temporarily before exploding for massive damage.
Magic Hammer Ground/ Aerial Quina transforms her fork into a giant hammer and smashes it vertically downward, slamming the opponent into the ground below. Causes additional Wall Rush damage.
Aqua Breath Aerial Quina inhales deeply, inflating her rotund body, before firing a stream of high-powered water directly at the enemy. Pushes the enemy away from Quina in addition to causing damage. Can Wall Rush.
Twister Aerial Quina spins in place, creating a tunnel of wind that shoots up from the floor beneath her directly into the sky above her. Has unlimited vertical range, but extremely limited horizontal range.
Matra Magic Aerial Quina points her fork fixedly at the opponent as magical missiles materialize from behind Quina and lock onto the opponent, striking in rapid succession to both stagger and repeatedly damage the enemy.

EX Mode - Trance

Name Type Description
Regen EX Ability Recovers HP over time during EX Mode.
Critical Boost EX Ability Doubles Critical Hit Rate while in EX Mode
Auto-life EX Ability Immediately returns Quina to base Bravery if she enters Break mode while EX Mode is active (or if she is in Break Mode when she enters EX Mode). Only works once.
Vanish Special Causes Quina to turn completely invisible for a period of up to ten seconds, making her invincible to all attacks during this period.
Cook EX Burst Quina wields a giant fork and knife in both hands as she charges at her enemy. Each attack with her weapons corresponds with a different button combination that must be pressed correctly to perform the attack. Upon completion, Quina flips the enemy into the air and summons a cauldron of boiling water beneath them.
  • Success: Quina cooks the enemy alive and swallows them whole before waddling off.
  • Failure: Quina merely cooks the enemy and accidentally tips over the cauldron.


Quina can equip Hammers, Spears, Poles, Bangles, Gauntlets, Hats, Headbands, Robes, Clothing, Light Armour, Female Exclusive Equipment.

Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Fork 1 ATK+25
N/A Trade: 9300 gil, Hammer, x1, Gourmand's Desire x3
Needle Fork 30 BRV-172
EX Force Absorption +10% Trade: 61000 gil, Fork, Scarletite x1, Gourmand's Desire x5
Gastro Fork 90 BRV-121
EX Force Absorption +20% Trade: 158,000 gil, Needle Fork, Electrum x1, Gourmand's Dream x5
Qu Utensil 100 BRV-212
EX Force Absorption +30%
Concentration Effect
Trade: 182,800 gil, Gastro Fork, Caught Frog x1, Gourmand's Hopes x5