Scholar Base

The Scholar is a generic Job Class character.

Scholars, like their name implies, are studious magicians, able to perform both Black and White Magic. However, opposite to a Red Mage, Scholars tend to know more magic than weaponry and tend to know moves such as Scan.


The Scholar's base outfit is Arc's Scholar outfit from III DS.

With only one alternate outfit, the outfit is taken from the Scholar appearance from III NES. To unlock this outfit, the player must win 50 matches using Blue Mage, with Scholar as an Assist.


This Scholar is an Assist Only Character. Although unable to fight on his own, he helps out his partner with buffs and debuffs.

Move Type Description
Scan Ground (Bravery) The next move the user uses will always hit the opponent, regardless of guards. If the opponent is too far away, the Scholar transports the user to the enemy for attack.
Tame Aerial (Bravery) Weakens the opponent's attack and defense for a short time.
Luminohelix Ground (HP) When hit, the opponent becomes trapped and Brave damage is reduced over a short time before Scholar attacks again with light energy.
Shadow Shade Tome Aerial (HP) A huge area-of-effect dark attack dealing lots of damage, but also hurts the user a bit.