Tifa Lockhart is the third representative for Final Fantasy VII and a Warrior of Cosmos in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy. Tifa was a childhood friend of Cloud, who worked alongside the resistance group AVALANCHE to bring down Shinra. During Dissidia 012 her memory was erased, and all knowledge of Cloud was taken from her. However, she still keeps her hopes and dreams alive while confronting the forces of Chaos.

In the game's story mode, her opposing villain is Ultimecia.


  • Normal
  • Alt 1
  • Alt 2
  • DLC
  • EX Mode
  • Alt 1 EX Mode
  • Alt 2 EX Mode
  • DLC EX Mode
Tifa's design is identical to her original Final Fantasy VII appearance. She wears a sleeveless white midriff tank top with a black miniskirt and a pair of black suspenders connected to her belt. She wears fingerless Leather Gloves, with metal protecting pads over black gloves up to her elbows and she wears red boots. Tifa's long, dark brown hair falls below her waist and is tied at the end in a distinctive dolphin-tail split, and she has maroon eyes.

Tifa's first alternate outfit "Leather Suit" is based on her black outfit in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. It's composed of mostly black leather, a white tank-top under a black vest with a zipper going up the center. She also wears dark boots, and her hair is shorter and stops mid-back. A small pink ribbon is wrapped around her left bicep in memory of her deceased friend Aerith.

Tifa's second alternate outfit, "Nibelheim Guide", is her Nibelheim Guide cowgirl outfit as seen in Final Fantasy VII's Nibelheim flashbacks and Crisis Core. The outfit is comprised of a tan leather skirt and a mini vest of the same color and fabric. She has a white and gray sleeveless button shirt under the vest, and wears a black leather belt with a turquoise gemstone on the buckle. She wears brown cowboy boots and a cowboy hat with a strap over her back.

Tifa has a DLC outfit based on Yoshitaka Amano's artwork of her, giving Tifa red gloves, boots, a skirt, and a single red suspender running across her torso. The back of her shirt is also bare, held up with crossing straps. This outfit is known as "The Enforcer." Rather than coloring her hair white like in the art, this outfit retains her brown hair as in Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Ring's Amano-inspired costume.

Tifa's manikin, Imaginary Brawler, is light blue.


Tifa is described as a Feint Brawler. By pressing X while attacking Tifa will cancel her current attack and move behind the enemy, allowing her to attack them again by surprise. Each attack has a different timing for inputting the feint, and feinting when far away will cause Tifa to dash toward the opponent instead. The attack performed after a feint will have less reach than the initial attack, but feinting allows Tifa to dodge attacks, disrupt the opponent's attempts to block, and her attacks have a higher chance for critical hits after feinting. She is able to use her Limit Breaks from Final Fantasy VII as attacks. As a downside Tifa is heavily a melee character, and if the player cannot master her feints she is only a mediocre fighter otherwise.

Inherent Abilities

Name Type Description
Feint Ability Pressing X during an attack cancels the attack and allows Tifa to dodge or move behind her opponent.

Brave Attacks

Name Type Description
Beat Rush Ground A quick flurry of punches, able to continue combo without connecting.
Blizzara Ground Send out a bullet of ice that deals multiple blows before sending the opponent into the floor. If blocked, a chunk of ice remains on the field. Can Wall Rush for additional damage.
Blizzaga Ground An iceberg drops down from over the opponent's head, dealing multiple blows before sending the opponent into the floor. If blocked, a chunk of ice remains on the field. Can Wall Rush when attacking for additional damage.
Waterkick Ground Two swift low kicks that force the opponent away. Can Wall Rush for additional damage.
Blizzard Ground/ Aerial Fire a bullet of ice at the opponent. Has long range, but moves slowly.
Dolphin Blow Aerial A powerful uppercut that deals several hits as it launches the opponent through the air. Great for attacking from below
Elbow Smash Aerial Two backhanded swings that send the opponent away. Can Wall Rush for additional damage.
Falcon's Dive Aerial Swift downward kick that slams the opponent into the ground. Great when attacking from overhead. Can Wall Rush for additional damage.
Moonsault Kick Aerial An axing kick from atop the opponent's head, followed by a straight kick away.

HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Burning Arrow Ground Consumed in an aura of fire energy, performs a straight kick. Can Wall Rush for additional damage.
Meteodrive Ground Lifts the opponent up with her legs, and then slams them into the ground. Can Wall Rush for additional damage.
Meteor Strike Ground Charge forward surrounded by fire to knock opponent into the air, then picks up the opponent and throws them away. Can Wall Rush for additional damage.
Rolling Blaze Ground/ Aerial Tifa spins forward wrapped in fire, grabs the opponent, and then slams them into the floor. Can Wall Rush for additional damage.
Meteor Crusher Aerial Pummels the opponent with energy-imbued punches and kicks, ending in a stellar uppercut

Brave to HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Somersault Ground (Chained from Waterkick) A kick from a back flip that sends the opponent flying

EX Mode - Equipped Premium Heart!

Name Type Description
Regen EX Ability Recovers HP over time during EX Mode.
Critical Boost EX Ability Doubles Critical Hit Rate while in EX Mode.
Premium Heart EX Ability Increases Tifa's attack power the more EX Force she has.
Final Heaven EX Burst To charge it to its maximum strength the player must spin seven slot wheels with "Yeah!" "Miss" and "Hit." Landing more "Yeah!" on the reels powers up her EX Burst. This ultimately leads to her performing ‘Final Heaven’ if she powers up enough or ‘Beat Rush’ should she fail.


Tifa can equip Rods, Staves, Grappling Weapons, Poles, Parrying Weapons, Bangles, Gauntlets, Rings, Hats, Hairpins, Clothing, Light Armor, Chestplates, and Female Exclusive Equipment.

Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Godhand 30 HP -659
ATK +40
Damage +5% Trade: 61000 gil, Sonic Knuckles, Scarletite x1, Brawler's Desire x5
Premium Heart 90 HP -522
ATK +63
Damage +7% Trade: 158,000 gil, Godhand, Electrum x1, Brawler's Dream x5
Seventh Heaven 100 HP -595
ATK +68
Damage +10%
Slight Sneak Attack Effect
Trade: 182,800 gil, Premium Heart, Stretch Boxer x1, Brawler's Hopes x5

Trade AccessoryEdit

Name Description
Stretch Boxers Stretch and forget the past. Walk down your chosen path to...the light.
  • Stretch Boxers had a different description in Dissidia Duodecim.