Warrior Of Darkness
The Warrior of Darkness was a supporting character from Final Fantasy III.

The Warriors of Darkness saved the World of Darkness from the Cloud of Darkness, similar to their counterparts, the Warriors of Light. Later, however, when the Cloud returns, the Dark Warriors were turned into Ahriman, Two Headed Dragon, Echidna, and Cerberus, used as the penultimate challenge for the Warriors of Light. After being freed from their monsterous bodies, they sacrifice their lives to weaken the Cloud of Darkness so the Light Warriors can defeat it.

In the story mode, he is facing against the Cloud of Darkness. Even though he is on the side of Cosmos, he prefers to stay neutral, avoiding unnecessary battles unless the balance of Light and Darkness are on the line. Because of his neutrality, the Warriors of Cosmos and Chaos usually don't bother with him.


The Warrior of Darkness' main attire is based on his NES sprite, with red full-body armor, long red shoulder blades just outside a white V-shape below his neck. He also has a helmet which covers part of his yes and long, white horns. He also does not wear gloves. He equips the Ashura, a katana with a golden blade and red handle. In EX Mode, he equips the Murakumo, a long silver katana with a blue handle.

His first Alternate outfit "Shadow Knight", resembles his DS attire, shown above. He equips the Kotetsu, a silver katana with a blue handle. In EX Mode, he equips the Masamume (NES), a blade with a darker shade of gold and a blue handle.

His second Alternate outfit, "Knight of Darkness", resembles the Dark Knight class outfit from the DS version of Final Fantasy III. He equips the Kiku-Ichimonji, a silver blade with a gold handle. His EX Mode weapon is a varation of the Murakumo with a black handle.

His DLC outfit is called "Ancient Magic Knight", resembling the NES Magic Knight. He weilds the Ashura (DS), a silver blade with a red handle. His EX weapon is the Masamume (DS), a dark purple sword all over.

His Manikin is green, called Counterfeit Shadow.


Dark is portrayed as a "Dark Hero".

The Warrior of Darkness is a balanced character, having various close-ranged, long-ranged, and defensive moves in his arsenal. A majority of his moves can be performed in both ground and aerial combat

Brave Attacks

Move Type Description
Blade of Night Ground Attacks the enemy 5 times. Wall Rush
Tenebrous Tundra Ground Summons a line of icicle stalagmites. When enemy is attacked and in the air, the user hops on the ice to reach th enemy and attacks twice. Chase
Black Flame Ground/ Aerial Summons a black spiral of fire. When the enemy is caught. the user slashes the enemy twice.
Silent Counter Ground/ Aerial Defends against any attack. When the attack is over, the user does either a dark wave attack or 3 slashes, depending on the range of the enemy attack. Guard, Magic Guard
Gloomy Microbes Ground/ Aerial The user releases some microbes to drain the enemy of Brave (acts similarly to Bio).
Hidden Spin Ground/ Aerial The user does a spin attack with a dark aura on the sword. Chase, Wall Rush
Lightless Lightning Aerial Shoots black lightning below the user. Then, attacks the enemy twice.

HP Attacks

Move Type Description
Leap of Dusk Ground As the user jumps high, the user slashes his surroundings. If the enemy is caught, the user will focus on the enemy until the jump is complete.
Aphotic Ocean Ground A tidal wave crashes down on the enemy. High horizontal and vertical range, but doesn't go that far.
Unholy Darkness Ground A black wave with a white outline comes down from a distance, then explodes.
Air Shadow Ground/ Aerial A black tornado surrounds the user and sends it to the enemy. When caught, the user attacks once.
Twilit Stars Ground/ Aerial A line of black meteorites drop down on the enemy. It's the opposite effect of Cloud of Darkness' [Wide-Angle] Particle Beam.
Dark Honor Ground/ Aerial The user slices six times while moving forward. If the enemy is caught in one slash, the enemy will be pushed back while getting sliced. The user does one final slash, getting high knockback. When at a cliff, both will not move until the final slash.
Cimmerian Blast Aerial A black wave with a light blue outline does the opposite effect from Unholy Darkness.

Brave to HP Attacks

Move Type Description
Light's Bane Ground/ Aerial (Chained from Blade of Night, Silent Counter, or Hidden Spin).A dark aura surrounds the user and will attack the enemy six times while the dark aura consumes the enemy. High Knockback.

EX Mode - Equip Weapon of Darkness

Name Type Description
Regen EX Ability Recovers HP over time during EX Mode.
Critical Boost EX Ability Doubles Critical Hit Rate while in EX Mode
Dark Defender EX Ability Equips his EX Mode weapon (Masamune or Murakumo). Warrior of Darkness' attacks swifter and auto-counters on blocks.
Harmonic Darkness EX Burst Rotate the control stick clockwise until the enemy is consumed in a black hole. If done 6 times (starting from UP) before the time limit, the user will dual wield with the Ultima Weapon and EX Mode Weapon and strike the enemy multiple times. If not, the user won't dual wield. While attacking, the user will appear invisible and what seems to be a black energy heart will appear when the animation is over. If the user wins while dual wielding, the Ultima Weapon will appear in the victory pose.


Warrior of Darkness can equip Katanas, Swords, Greatswords, Shields, Gauntlets, Helms, Chestplates and Heavy Armor.

Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Murakumo 30 BRV +41
ATK +40
DEF -4
EX Force Absorption +3% Trade: 61000 gil, Uchigatana, Scarletite x1, Shadow's Desire x5
Black Murakumo 90 BRV +34
ATK +63
DEF -2
EX Force Absorption +5% Trade: 158,000 gil, Murakumo, Electrum x1, Shadow's Dream x5
Dark Masamune 100 BRV +39
ATK +68
DEF -1
EX Force Absorption +10%
Anti-EX effect
Trade: 182,800 gil, Black Murakumo, Black Balances x1, Shadow's Hopes x5