Zidane Tribal is one of the heroes fighting for the side of Cosmos in Dissidia Final Fantasy. Lithe and graceful, Zidane excels at midair battling, and can run rings around foes in arenas with few footholds. During his quest to find the Crystals, he befriends Bartz and Squall, However, his nemesis, Kuja, lays traps for them with the intent to make Zidane feel powerless and break his spirit.

Crystal and AttireEdit

  • Normal
  • Alt 1
  • Alt 2
  • DLC
  • EX Mode
  • Alt 1 EX Mode
  • Alt 2 EX Mode
  • DLC EX Mode
Zidane's appearance is heavily based on his original concept art, but keeps a resemblance to the anatomic style from the designs of Toshiyuki Itahana. He wears a teal vest over a white sleeveless shirt and white jabot with blue pants and several belts. He has large grey gloves with blue cuffs and two-toned grey and white boots. He also has a distinctive prehensile, monkey-like tail. His weapons of choice are two Mage Mashers, which can combine into the thief sword "The Ogre."

Zidane's first alternate outfit, "Navy Gilet," is based on his Yoshitaka Amano artwork. His clothes are dark purple; his Mage Mashers are dark green to appear closer to "The Ogre's" color scheme; and his hair is a lighter shade of blond. His EX Mode form in this outfit is a gray palette swap.

Zidane's second alternate outfit is "Pluto Uniform," the uniform of the Knights of Pluto he steals and disguises himself with in the opening scenes of Final Fantasy IX. He wears a single piece chestplate with pale gray and green shorts and brown boots. He bears a sword sheath strapped over his torso, and a small round shield on his left arm. His EX Mode form in this outfit is purple.

Zidane's third alternate costume, "Marcus's Cloak", is available as DLC. It is an original design by Hideo Minaba, Final Fantasy IX's art director and the original character designer of Zidane and Kuja, and is based on the cloak he wore to disguise himself during the game's ending, which includes light brown patterns along the cloak and a large hood. Zidane's EX Mode in this outfit is a white palette swap; this time however, he remains mostly clothed, removing only his gloves and boots, lowering his hood, with pants torn at the knees. His eyes also change color to a piercing green. In this outfit, Zidane's Mage Mashers are black.

Zidane's manikin version, Capricious Thief, is indigo.


Zidane is an Aerial Ace. While he does not have that many ground attacks, many of these attacks launch the opponent into the air, easily taking the battle airborne. He has one of the largest pool of aerial attacks in the game, and can easily chain his attacks into each other. His attack list consists of his Dyne techniques and various dagger attacks and throws, and he has several Bravery to HP combos. He also has a very fast ground movement. A downside to Zidane's speed is that his attacks are rather weak, and he is most proficient fighting with melee techniques as his few ranged attacks are weak and easy to block.

Brave Attacks

Name Type Description
Booster 8 Ground Charge forward hitting multiple times, rising into the air. Has very little end lag and can quickly combo into other attacks.
Rumble Rush Ground Melee slashes that flings target upwards. Can initiate a chase.
Scoop Art Ground/ Aerial Fires three slow-moving energy bullets.
Swift Attack Ground/ Aerial Fast slashing melee attack. Can initiate a chase.
Tempest Aerial Throw daggers downwards, and then dive down to strike multiple times. Can initiate a chase.
Vortex Aerial Approaches target while spinning upward to attack rapidly. Can inflict Wall Rush for extra damage.
Storm Impulse Aerial Approaches target while spinning for rapid attacks. Can inflict Wall Rush for greater damage.
Solution 9 Aerial Fires a barrage of multiple energy runes, long-range but inaccurate.

HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Tidal Flame Ground Create a ring of fireballs that travels along the ground.
Stellar Circle 5 Ground Creates a tornado of energy around Zidane that sucks in the opponent.
Shift Break Aerial Summon a storm of lightning bolts around opponent before striking them with a blast of water. Attracts the opponent to the centre of the spell when the opponent is hit by the lightning bolts. Has a slight absorbing effect.
Free Energy Aerial Creates a sphere of energy that quickly hits the opponent.
Grand Lethal Aerial Summon an aura of energy and spin-dashes towards opponent to strike multiple times.

Brave to HP Attacks

Name Type Description
Meo Twister Ground/ Aerial (Chained from Rumble Rush, Tempest, Swift Attack) Throws Mage Mashers to shock opponent with beams of energy.

EX Mode - Trance!

Name Type Description
Regen EX Ability Recovers HP over time during EX Mode.
Critical Boost EX Ability Doubles Critical Hit Rate while in EX Mode.
Aerial Jump EX Ability In EX Mode, Zidane can jump up to 10 consecutive times (can jump up to 15 with certain Support abilities).
Dodge Jump EX Ability During jumps Zidane is immune to most attacks.
Reverse Gaia EX Burst Zidane will strike with a flurry of attacks and the player must rapidly press the O button at certain intervals in an attempt to fuse the two planets together, progress measured with a bar, allowing his Brave to increase and allowing him to follow up with a powerful Grand Lethal finish if successful.


Zidane can equip Swords, Daggers, Thrown Weapons, Poles, Parrying Weapons, Bangles, Gauntlets, Bracers, Hats, Hairpins, Headbands, Clothing, Light Armor, and Chestplates.

Exclusive WeaponsEdit

Name Level Stats Effects Obtained
Sargatanas 30 ATK +38
DEF +2
BRV Boost on Dodge +2% Trade: 61000 gil, Pinwheel, Scarletite x1, Thief's Desire x5
The Tower 90 ATK +62
DEF +1
BRV Boost on Dodge +5% Trade: 158,000 gil, Sargantanas, Electrum x1, Thief's Dream x5
Ozma's Splinter 100 ATK +67
DEF +1
BRV Boost on Dodge +8%
Slight Sneak Attack Effect
Trade: 182,800 gil, The Tower, Theater Ticket x1, Thief's Hopes x5

Trade AccessoryEdit

Name Description
Theater Ticket The ability to accept fate and shoulder that burden alone attracts others.